• 2022 JCUD Newsletter out
    The new JCUD newsletter of 2022, with the new editor Sylvie Spraakman, was released in May 2022. This newsletter highlights the latest activities of the JCUD, including an editorial of the new chair David McCarthy, and news from the urban drainage community. Click here to download the newsletter
  • 2nd JCUD webinar:Latest Development in Real Time Control of Urban Drainage Systems
    In this webinar, we highlight the latest research on Real Time Control of Urban Drainage Systems from some of the leading Young Water Professionals in the field and want to encourage discussion about their research. The webinar took place April 7, 2022. Future webinars will be announced here. Click here to watch back the webinar

JCUD Events

  • SPN 2022
    Sewer Processes and Networks
    August 2022, Graz, Austria
  • Novatech 2023
    The 11th edition of the Novatech conference
    Summer 2023, Lyon, France
  • ICUD 2024
    The International Conference on Urban Drainage
    June 2024, Delft, the Netherlands


At the tri-annual ICUD conference the JCUD hands out three awards: The prestigious Career Achievement Award, the Midcareer Achievement Award and the Poul Harremoes Award . The Poul Harremoes Award is for the presentation of novel and ideally provocative ideas, relating to developments in urban drainage, by young authors (up to 35 years of age).

Midcareer Achievement Award 2021
David McCarthy, Monash University, Australia

Career Achievement Award 2021
Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, INSA Lyon, France

Poul Harremoes Award 2017
Daniel Winkler, University Innsbruck, Austria

Midcareer Achievement Award 2017
Jörg Rieckermann, EAWAG, Switzerland

Career Achievement Award 2017
Jiri Marsalek, Canada

Poul Harremoes Award 2014
Martin Fencl, CVUT, Czech Republic

Midcareer Achievement Award 2014
Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Denmark

Career Achievement Award 2014
Richard Ashley, UK

Poul Harremoes Award 2011
Nuno Eduardo da Cruz Simões, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Midcareer Achievement Award 2011
Manfred Schuetze, ifak, Germany

Career Achievement Award 2011
Bernard Chocat, INSA de Lyon, France