• 2023 JCUD Newsletter out
    The new JCUD newsletter of 2023, was released in March 2023. This newsletter highlights the latest activities of the JCUD, including an editorial of the new chair David McCarthy, and news from the urban drainage community. Click here to download the newsletter
  • JCUD webinar:Latest Development in Urban Drainage in Africa
    Continuing the webinars from 2022, the JCUD presents the next installment of the webinars: focussing on the developments in Africa particularly. Dr. Micah M. Mukolwe and Dr. Seith Mugume will present their research on March 17th 13:00-14:00 CET Click here to watch back the webinar

JCUD Events

  • SPN 2022
    Sewer Processes and Networks
    August 2022, Graz, Austria
  • Novatech 2023
    The 11th edition of the Novatech conference
    Summer 2023, Lyon, France
  • ICUD 2024
    The International Conference on Urban Drainage
    June 2024, Delft, the Netherlands

Management Committee

Chair   Secretary
Dr. David McCarthy   Dr. Manfred Kleidorfer
Environ. and Public Health Microbiology Lab   Unit of Environmental Engineering
Dept. of Civil Engineering, Building 60
  Institute for Infrastructure
Monash University

University of Innsbruck
Clayton, Vic 3800, Australia
  Technikerstrasse 13, Austria

Committee Members

Dr. Karine Borne   Assoc. Prof. Jon Hathaway
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand
  University of Tennessee, USA
Dr. John Okedi  
Assoc. Prof. Franz Tscheikner-Gratl
University of Capetown, South Africa
  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Dr. Alma Schellart  
Dr. Juan Pablo Rodríguez Sánchez
Sheffield University, United Kingdom   Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Takashi Sakakibara  
Dr. Sylvie Spraakman
Yachiyo Engineering Co.,Ltd, Japan
  City of Vancouver, Canada
IWA Urban Drainage SG Newsletter 2018 Dr.-Ing Ulrich Dittmer   Ir. Job van der Werf
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
YWP Member - Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands