• ICUD2020 will take place 25-28 OCTOBER 2021 in Melbourne
    The final dates for ICUD2020 in Melbourne has been set to 25-29 OCTOBER. A refund policy is in place that ensures a refund of the registration fee in the unlikely case that COVID-19 still prohibits travelling in October.
  • 1st JCUD/IWGDM webinar:Developments in urban drainage modelling
    JCUD is launching a new webinar series together with the working groups. The idea is to enable discussions about research between conferences and workshops and to increase the visibility of publications related to urban drainage. The first takes place June 7. Click here for program and zoom link

JCUD Events

  • ICUD 2021
    International Conference on Urban Drainage
    October 2021, Melbourne, Australia
  • UDM 2022
    The 12th edition of the UDM conference
    January 2022, Costa Mesa, California, USA

Working Groups

International Working Group on Data & Models (IWGDM)
Chair: Prof. Manfred Kleidorfer   Secretary: Dr. Joao Paulo Leitao
University of Innsbruck, Austria   EAWAG, Swizerland

Real-Time Control of Urban Drainage Systems (RTCUDS)
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Morten Borup
  Secretary: Job van der Werf
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Sewer Systems and Processes Working Group (SS&PWG)
Chair: Dr. Jeroen Langeveld   Secretary: Dr. Asbjorn Haaning Nielsen
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands   Aalborg University, Denmark
Vice-Chair: Prof Jes Vollertsen
Aalborg University, Denmark

International Working Group on Urban Rainfall (IGUR)
Chair: Prof. Simon Beecham   Secretary: Dr Thomas Einfalt
University of South Australia, Australia   Hydro & meteo GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Working Group on Source Control for Stormwater Management (SOCOMA)
Chair: Gilles Rivard   Secretary: Prof. Tim Fletcher
Lasalle NHC inc., Canada   University of Melbourne, Australia
Vice-Chair: Prof Sylvie Barraud
INSA Lyon, France

International Working Group on Water Sensitive Urban Design
Co-Chairs: Dr Megan Farrelly and   Secretary: Charlie Stillwell
Dr Briony Rogers   North Carolina State University
Monash University, Australia

Urban Drainage in Cold Climate Working Group
Chair: Prof. Maria Viklander   Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Tone Merete Muthanna
Lulea University of Technology, Sweden   Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Urban Storm Water Harvesting (USWH) Working Group
Chair: Dr Alberto Campisano   Secretary: Dr. Matthew Burns
University of Catania, Italy   University of Melbourne, Australia

Urban Streams
Chair: Dr Ivana Kabelkova
Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

Working Group on Metrology of Urban Drainage (under formation)
Chair: Prof Francois H.L.R. Clemens
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Urban Drainage Asset Management(UDAM)
Chair: Nicolas Caradot
  Secretary: Franz Tscheikner-Gratl
KWB Berlin
  TU Delft / NTNU
Vice-Chair: Frédéric Cherqui   Secretary: Dr. Nathalie H. Rodríguez
INSA Lyon/University of Melbourne   STEIN Infrastructure Management